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About Me

Hoping to serve as a public historian-archivist once earning my History Ph.D., I have been a part of many life changing programs and initiatives that have influenced my academic and personal trajectory. These include, but are not limited to, my participation in the Echoes & Reflections Advanced Learning Seminar; Rare Book School; Roosevelt Institute for American Studies’s PhD Seminar (University of Leiden, The Netherlands); and University of Virginia’s Sawyer Seminar entitled, “Reimagining the American Landscape: Race and the Future of Public History.”

I enjoy reading psychological thrillers, running to explore new areas and meeting people along the way, and watching Duke men’s basketball win! I remain extremely passionate about advocating for spaces and opportunities for scholars at all levels who come from low-income and other underrepresented backgrounds.

I am a firm believer that when we work together, we work better! Please reach out if you feel like you could be a mentor to me or I could be a mentor to you.
Contact: tjgoldberger@wm.edu